Benefits of Being a Lawntrepreneur

Quick and Easy Payments

Marketing to New Customers

Financial Management Tools

Efficient Route Scheduling

  • Fantastic customer service! Same day service! My yard looks great! Will definitely hire again!

  • Great app. Great service. These guys are awesome! Definitely booking again!

  • Awesome customer service! Scheduled around predicted rain. Very happy with services!


What are the costs on Lawn Buddy?

There are no upfront costs or fees to sign up with Lawn Buddy. We simply take a percentage, 15-25%, of each transaction that goes through our platform.

How do I get paid by Lawn Buddy?

You will get paid for your service within 72 hours of completing the job. We can set up payment for our Lawntrepreneurs through Direct Deposit into your bank account, or using Venmo to handle each transaction. Venmo is a financial tool we can use to disburse payment to you.

What do I need to be a Lawntrepreneur

We are always looking for high-quality lawn care providers who work with integrity. We require all of our Lawntrepreneurs to have Business Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $500,000.

How is the pricing determined for each lawn?

Our technology is able to estimate the size of a lawn and provide an instant quote for each lawn. Because of the level of convenience and our “no contracts” model, we are able to charge slightly higher than the average cost of a lawn. Once a homeowner enters their address, our system will provide a quote. When that homeowner books lawn service on Lawn Buddy, the open job will show in your app with the exact price you will get paid for the job. It is your choice then to accept a job or not.

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